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About us

Francis Page Education and Careers (FPEC) has been designed to provide young people with important information to help them make decisions about their careers.


FPEC aims to increase awareness of options open to young people in a way that will enhance career development and success. There is currently a lack of motivation, inspiration and information on the different career paths that potentially offer more rewards to those in schools, colleges and universities. This has translated into reduced ambition and interest, but we think it's time for change! 

What We Do

FPEC is a programme designed to help inform decisions that young people make with their careers.

Many people have continued to study degrees and gain qualifications which haven't seen them achieve the income and rewards that they are aiming for. This is often due to the lack of adequate information and advice on careers and development.

Many young people have become dissatisfied with their careers and often wish they had chosen a different path. 64% have regretted the career path that they have taken in life, while more than half admitted they would change their career given the chance.

Good careers information and advice is vital and it needs to start at the very beginning from a young age, which is where we come in. 


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Get Involved

The goal of our programme is to motivate, inspire and inform young people in schools, colleges and institutions. We aim our programme at ages 11 to 25 and we are primarily based in the West Midlands, UK.

If you would like to get involved we offer presentations, workshops and interviews to local schools, colleges and universities.


To find out more about the programme please visit our contact page below or give us a call to get in touch. 




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