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Failure as a means to an end goal.

Being successful means being able to look at failure as part of the whole process rather than the fear of encountering it. To be successful, we always have to be prepared to integrate failure in everything we do in a way of learning from it. In this case failure MUST be seen as a MEANS rather than an END. Successfulness encapsulates a number of features which MUST all be practiced at the same time for it to occur. These include being organised, patient, disciplined, courageous, having integrity, the drive, being optimistic and resilient.

The road to achieving a goal is not a smooth one, but only those who practice the above mentioned principles on a daily basis complete their journey. I remember growing up and wanting to become a soldier in the British army, a goal that required a lot of resilience and hard work. My friends were always quick to judge me and saying that my goal was unachievable, offcourse I proved them wrong. When we employ a 'can do' mindset while practicing all the encapsulations of successfulness, arriving at our set goal will always be a SURE deal.

Whether one's goal is to become a doctor, nurse, teacher, policeman/woman, professional footballer, dancer, pilot, politician etc, the principles to achieving that goal are the same. Just keep going remembering to embrace all the challenges along the way as a learning process and looking at your failures during the whole process as a MEANS to an end goal. Thanks a lot for taking your time to read.

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