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How can we build interpersonal skills among our young people.

Interpersonal skills are considered as one of the most important skills to have not only in the workplac but also in our day to day lives. They are very useful in helping us to build good relationships and trust with colleagues, friends, family and indeed everyone we interact with in our daily circles of life. Some of the common interpersonal skills may include:

Active listening


Problem solving




These skills are extremely important to have if someone is to succeed in whatever career they choose. Quite often employers place their potential candidates in an interpersonal skills frame where those that do not match are eliminated instantly. Having this skill (interpersonal skills) means that someone is personabl, approachabl, cohesive, honest and can be relied upon to complete any given task. To be a good leader, one needs to have this skill to steer up teams successfully.

But how can we raise or build this skills set ong our young people?

A number of ways have been considered very helpful at helping the young to develop their interpersonal skills. For instance engaging them in role plays and setting them up in group tasks. This is seen to encourage contributio and interactions between each other.

Interpersonal skills can also be developed by encouraging young people to engage in sporting or extracurricular activities which will improve on their teamwork, build relationships and improve work ethic which are all very vital components.

Other means through which interpersonal skills can be built among the young people is to encourage them to be empathetic, caring, respectfu, considerate, active listeners and communicators. The least popular person in a group, classroom, family and workplace environment is that individual whose interpersonal skills are considered to be lacking.

People who also lack this skill often struggle to progress further successfulluy and usually have difficulties accomplishing specific set tasks and projects. So what are you doing to improve on your interpersonal skills? Any thoughts, feel free!

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