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How can we support our young people in choosing role models.

Role models are very important people at inspiring us to work hard. The young ones in particular often look up to role models in trying to achieve their dreams. But how can we help them to follow the right role models?

I was recently having a chat with Eric while we watched his young lad play football at a local football pitch. His lad was really good especially in the number 10 role which prompted me to ask Eric where the lad had acquired the great work ethic. Then I found out that the lad was emulating Wayne Rooney which was good. Who does not know how hardworking the former Manchester and England international was on the pitch.

But again when young people trying to build careers in sports look up to stars like Rooney, we can only hope they do not emulate their characters off the pitch because it does not make them great role models. Role models are people we respect and aspire to become. These are people whose behaviour we emulate on a daily basis to be able to achieve what they have achieved.

To be a great role model, ones achievements and hard work must always be coupled with good behaviour, good values and above all, a positive mental attitude. Therefore when our young people tell us about their role models, let us evaluate their choices and support them to choose the right role models.

Francis Page

Founder FPEC.

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