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Why a career in nursing is a very wise choice

Put it this way, a nursing career trounces nearly every career in being an honest and ethical profession'

I remember running into an old friend during the fresher's week at university who wouldn't stop smiling. At first I thought her excitement was the usual one everyone had after making it through the university admissions. But it was something different, she had secured a placement as soon as she had enrolled on her course. what a wise choice she made! But it isn't just that. There are several reasons as to why nursing is a good career choice. Not only is it an extremely rewarding profession with unlimited job opportunities but also a career whose demand will never decrease for decades to come.

It is also a career that will guarantee professionals a lot of job security. Nurses will always be a vital part of our health care system as hospitals will always be unable to function without them. There will always be nursing positions even during times of economic uncertainties. But how about the earning potential. Payscale.com places the median salary for a registered nurse (RN) at £23,000 with a potential to rise up to £34,105 with bonuses and compensation. In addition to that professionals in nursing enjoy more diverse opportunities than others allowing those that are practicing to settle into departments that they enjoy the most. There are four fields of nursing namely: Adult nursing, Children nursing, Learning disability nursing and Mental health nursing.

In general, nurses work as part of a team of professional and medical staff that includes doctors, social workers and therapists. Duties of a nurse include:

Assessing and planning nursing care requirements

Providing pre and post operation care

Monitoring and administering medication and intravenous infusions

Taking patients samples, pulses, temperature and blood pressure

Writing records

Supervising junior staff

Organising workloads

Providing emotional support to patients and relatives

Tutoring student nurses

The only downside to this career are the long hours where a 24hour shift work can be a requirement but again, there is always a lot of support from the different teams in operation. To be a nurse at the very minimum, one will need to posses good organisation, communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills. They will also need good empathy, have the physical endurance and also be attentive to every detail due to the sensitive nature of most roles within the operation. For sure nursing is also a stressful job where traumatic situations arise quite often. Therefore one will also require the highest level of emotional stability, patience and resilience. But even with such challenges, a nursing profession still remains a very good career and one which is so globally respected in all aspects.

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